A Comprehensive Exploration of the CR Model

A Systemic Approach to Strategic Planning


  • Jose Gabriel Carrasco Ramirez International Lawyer and CEO at Quarks Advantage, New Jersey, USA




CR, Systematic, Approach


In the rapidly evolving landscape of contemporary business, the imperative for effective strategic planning has become more pronounced than ever. This article introduces a Systemic Model of Strategic Planning, which integrates organizational, economic, and operating dimensions. The model is designed to fortify decision-making processes by navigating the intricate challenges inherent in the modern business environment. This study aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the model's theoretical foundation and practical applicability. Drawing on established theories such as Systems Theory, Strategic Planning Theory, and Economic Business Models, our methodology synthesizes these frameworks to develop a robust theoretical structure for the Systemic Model. The literature review critically examines existing works on strategic planning, organizational culture, economic influences, and operating management. This serves as the cornerstone for our proposed model, emphasizing its departure from conventional approaches and its potential to revolutionize strategic planning. The Systemic Model of Strategic Planning is presented in detail, elucidating its organizational, economic, and operating sides. Each element is explored to reveal its specific role and how it contributes to the model's holistic approach, offering a unique perspective in contrast to traditional planning frameworks. This article concludes by exploring the practical utility of the Systemic Model in real-world scenarios. Examples and case studies are considered to illustrate its application in decision-making, strategic formulation, and adaptability. The findings underscore the potential transformative impact of adopting this model in enhancing organizational resilience and success in today's dynamic business landscape.




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Ramirez, J. G. C. (2023). A Comprehensive Exploration of the CR Model: A Systemic Approach to Strategic Planning. International Journal of Culture and Education, 1(3). https://doi.org/10.59600/ijcae.v1i3.16