Transversal Threats and Collateral Conflicts

Communities of the United States under the siege of political conflicts on the American continent


  • Jose Gabriel Carrasco Ramirez International Lawyer and CEO at Quarks Advantage, New Jersey, USA



Threats, Conflicts, Communities, USA


Security, a cornerstone of international relations, is intertwined with states' defense and survival. Barry Buzan's work expands security's scope from military to societal dimensions, highlighting its multifaceted nature. Buzan's Regional Security Complex paradigm elucidates interactions among states within and beyond geographical boundaries. Societal security emerges as pivotal, safeguarding a state's identity and integrity. Transnational threats, exemplified by South and Central America's challenges, underscore interconnected security risks. Venezuela's crisis, Colombian violence, and Mexican drug trade intricately impact regional stability and global dynamics. Assessing security through various lenses reveals nuanced perspectives, from realist state-centric views to liberal individualism and constructivist social dynamics. Understanding these complexities is essential for addressing contemporary security challenges effectively. This abstract synthesizes key concepts in security studies, offering insights into evolving security paradigms and their implications for international relations.




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Ramirez, J. G. C. (2024). Transversal Threats and Collateral Conflicts: Communities of the United States under the siege of political conflicts on the American continent. International Journal of Culture and Education, 2(1).